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There are about 5000 shares listed on BSE. While this gives investors a lot of options to pick, there are also pitfalls. A very large number of these listed companies are small in size, which questions the sustainability of earnings.  Also, fairly large numbers of these companies are family owned and lack professional management. Many companies are known for a dubious financial track record and fail on corporate governance. Thus for a small investor it becomes extremely difficult to pick the gems.


Why Smart VERC


Consistently advicing clients through thick-n-thin of the stock market moods, year after year since 1989.

All the products and services designed to provide superior returns with comparatively lesser risk.

High success rate - 97.23% of stocks recommended (including all the services) during last 15 months have delivered positive returns

Eye popping returns provided by host of stocks recommended in the past.

Regular recommendation reviews.

Consistently beating all the major stock indices, for the seven years.

Expertise in deriving the true value (intrinsic worth) of the stock correctly.

Pure research and analytics focus. In-depth, independent research carried by experienced, highly trained and well qualified professionals with advanced degrees.

No rumors, no hear says.

Totally un-biased recommendations.

Value added services.

Helps investors in not only selecting the stocks but also in timing them right: -

‘Smart Portfolio’ an ideal portfolio started with a sum of Rs 1 lacs on 30-05-2001 is worth Rs 45.01 lacs (19-10- 2016). Had you invested the same amount on BSE Sensex it would have been worth Rs 7.64 lacs only.

Delighted subscribers - record subscription renewal rate of 87% !

Simple language, no stock market jargons.

Competitive subscription rates.

Committed to high standard of client service and confidentiality. 97.46% of the email queries have been resolved in average 2.23 hours, during last 24 months.


We dare................ to compare with the best in the world


Annual average returns from 1977 to 1990

Fidelity Magellan Fund performed
better than S&P, 11 of the 13 years.

Fidelity Magellan Fund 
managed by PeterLynch

S&P 500




Compounded Annual gains since start; 
30-05-01 to 19-10-16

Smart Portfolio performs better
than BSE Sensitive Index by 98.71% 

Smart Portfolio performed better
than BSE Sensex in each of the
years in since start

Smart Portfolio

BSE Sensitive Index




Compounded Annual gains since - 1965 to 2007

Berkshire Hathaway performs better 
than S&P 500 Sensitive Index by 104.85%

Berkshire Hathaway
(Warren Buffet owed about 
38% stake in 2005*) per
share book value

S&P 500




Annual average returns from 1977 to 2003

Acorn Fund performs better 
than S&P 500 by 34.71%

Acorn Fund 
managed by Ralph Wanger

S&P 500




Annual average returns from 1954 to 2004

Templeton Growth Fund performs
better than S&P 500 by 24.32%

Templeton Growth Fund 
Sir John Templeton fame

S&P 500




Annual average returns from 1964 to 1995

Vanguard's Windsor Fund performs 
better than S&P 500 Index by 29.24%

Vanguard's Windsor Fund
performed better than S&P 500,
22 times out of 31 years

Vanguard's Windsor 

Sir John Templeton fame

S&P 500




 Exact comparison is not possible due to different periods, durations, geographies, risks, etc



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