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Your stock investment returns depend on your total portfolio returns, which in turn rely not only on good performing stocks but also on poorly performing stocks. Not only the quality of stocks determines your portfolio returns but also the concentrations (weightage) of individual stocks play a crucial role. For example if half of your stocks gain 100% in a year and rest half of stocks remain at same price, then your total returns will be only 10% if all the gainers have mere 2% weightage each.

Over a period of time, investor accumulates stocks in his portfolio bought on the advice of various sources including self- study. Often investor is unable to sell the stock at appropriate time due to host of reasons including emotional attachment, no sell call from the advisory, averse to booking a loss or any other reason. Investor is unable to decide, whether to hold / buy more / sell.

Also, at the start of a new bull run, stocks (specially small and mid-cap category) start rising at fast pace and often investor sells the good quality stocks as these category stocks are the first one to participate. At later stages these stocks further gain handsomely and investor often repents 'Had I held this stock in my portfolio'.



Dr. Smart is a onetime service to improve the returns of your portfolio. Our research team is fully equipped with necessary tools to analyse your equity portfolio with respect to Risk, Return, Stock / Industry weightage and give you advice (Buy / Sell / Hold) on individual stocks, with brief comments. Also, if required new stocks shall be advised to balance your portfolio for optimum returns. Every portfolio is analysed and stocks reviewed in person by A K Asnani, Research Head, Founder and CEO


Note: Complete privacy shall be maintained of your portfolio details. In no case your details shall be disclosed to anyone.



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