Portfolio of the year

Investors are well aware of our long term mega success with Smart Billionaire Portfolio, which has delivered 28.09% CAGR
returns (as on 25 Apr 2018) since its launch in 2001, 17 years ago.

Portfolio of the Year scheme was launched in the year 2014 after achieving highly encouraging results with various portfolio based relatively shorter duration schemes in the past like Smart Value Gains, Smart Portfolio, Smart Fast Track Gains, Smart Express gains, Smart Low Priced Portfolio etc


For whom

Investors who:-

Are ready to invest for one year

Want to earn high returns in one year.

Are willing to take medium to high risk.

Appreciate the short term volatility. Beginners should avoid this scheme.

Want to learn portfolio management traits and how to deal with volatility.


Note: Changes in portfolio are advised on an average once in 10 days

Being a short term scheme, investors are advised to keep the weightage of such investments restricted to maximum 20% of their equity investment.



1. To earn high returns in one year with fundamentally sound

2. To outperform BSE Sensitive Index.



'Portfolio of the Year' is a model portfolio which starts with a sum of Rs 1 lac every 1st June and ends on the 30th May next year. Stocks are included which are expected to perform exceptionally well within the year and have potential to deliver at least 40% annualised returns. Apart from the ability to find the Fair Value of a stock and strict control on emotions, the secret of jaw dropping returns is the skill of mixing stocks from different sectors and business Groups. Strategy differs from time to time. At times the proportion of aggressive stocks is raised and at others defensive stocks dominate.


Past performance

True to its objective the 'Portfolio of The Year' far outperformed NSE Nifty 50 and BSE Sensex for each of the four years since start and delivered very good returns as well.


Portfolio of The Year














(* upto 26 Apr'18)

Investment of Rs 1 lac would have turned into Rs 3.24 lacs in just four years! During the same duration NSE Nifty 50 would have gained to Rs 1.41 lacs


Performance for 2014-15

'Portfolio of the Year' gained 60% compared to 12% gains by BSE Sensex


Performance for 2015-16

'Portfolio of the Year' gained 2% compared to 4% fall in BSE Sensex


Performance for 2016-17

'Portfolio of the Year' gained 53% compared to 16% rise in BSE Sensex


Performance for 2017-18

'Portfolio of the Year' started on 1 June 2017 is up by 30.29% compared to 11.04% rise in BSE Sensex (as on 26 April 2018)


How the scheme works

Money and stocks remains with an investor and we provide only the buy / sell calls. Changes in portfolio, if any are informed through SMS, Whatsapp and email messages. On an average one change is advised in 10 days. No 'Target' and 'Stop Loss' is provided. The updated Portfolio after the changes is posted on website on the same day evening. Also, on every Monday the Portfolio is updated for the latest share prices.

Subscribers shall be given Username and Password, to login to our website. No hard copy shall be sent

This is a model portfolio to demonstrate investors the way to generate better returns and can act as a good guide for learning
process. There is no guarantee of returns or performance.


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