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For Whom

This product is designed for individual investors with investible funds more than Rs 20 lacs, High Networth Individuals and NRIs can immensely benefit from this scheme.

Sustained GDP growth of more than 7% plus in the past decade has created enormous wealth for individuals. With drying options in other asset classes, stocks offer great opportunity to grow your wealth. Via this product we provide proper stock investment guidance suiting to individuals risk taking capacity.

Long term stock market returns in India is about 15%. Depending on risk-return profile investors are able to derive long term CAGR returns varying from 24% to 34% under this scheme. Even with average 29% returns, investment of Rs 20 lacs can grow to Rs 1 crore in shade above 6 years and Rs 2.55 crores in 10 years!


Great opportunity!

From last couple of years populism is fading away steadily, corruption has almost gone at Government level; fast digitization is ensuring minimal leakages in transferring subsidies to poor and at the same time increasing the tax base. Indian stock market offers excellent opportunity to grow your investments. Introduction of GST has heralded the complete indirect tax reforms.

These measures have strengthened the Government finances and has resulted in fast declining Fiscal deficit, record RBI Reserves, very low level of Inflation, declining Interest rates. Strong macro and micro economic factors have laid a strong foundation for take-off. Emphasis is more on revenue collection rather than controlling the expenditure. There is a clear roadmap for very strong growth in the years to come.

Enthused by the strong fundamentals FPIs (Foreign Portfolio Investors) as well as DIIs (Domestic Institutional Investors) are investing heavily into the stock markets.

It is not an exaggeration to expect India to stand out as the biggest emerging market turnaround story in the next five years,” 
Nomura, Japanese Brokerage firm

Message is loud and clear, India is at the cusp of mega boom.


Why you need a caretaker

Due to engagement in business and other assignments, you get a very little time to research, the stocks you own. Even monitoring the share prices becomes difficult. You have the funds, you have desire to invest but you do not have the advisor whom you can trust, who can steer your portfolio based on his Knowledge and Experience to great heights.


How the scheme works

Existing investors

You must be holding stocks which need to be assessed for fundamental soundness and potential returns. Our research team shall thoroughly do this job so as to weed out weaker players and include stronger companies. Total portfolio shall be redesigned to suit your risk-return profile.


Fresh Investors

Depending on your expected returns and risk taking capability, our research team shall design a new portfolio. This portfolio shall have about 15 stocks from well diversified sectors and with appropriate weightages. The investment horizon for majority of the selected stocks shall be about one year.



All the stocks and money shall remain with you. We shall provide the necessary advice to help you create long term mega wealth. Considering the dynamic nature of the market and fast changing global economies, all the stocks in your portfolio shall be under review by our research head. Changes shall be intimated by Email and SMS messages. Average frequency of changes shall be about once in 15 days. Best of the stocks from our watch list shall be included in your portfolio. Every Saturday the status of your complete portfolio shall be sent through email in PDF format.


Subscription Charges

Considering that it will be an exclusive service for an individual investor and under constant monitor by our Research Head, the subscription charges (Min Rs 25,000 for one year) varies depending on the Risk Return profile of the investor

For more details call: 9893512098, 9131361959


Be a part of this Bull run!

Planets (like largest pool of English speaking people, youngest population, huge scope for development, plenty of natural resources, good Governance, exponentially rising middle class population etc) are aligning for great economic growth for India.

Indian stock market is at the start of a long and very strong bull run.


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