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With clear signs of pick up in domestic as well as major world economies the corporate India is all set to deliver much higher profit growth in the coming years. Advantages of major reforms undertaken in the recent years (like demonetization, RERA for Real estate, GST etc) have started reflecting in the economy.

"7% growth is amazingly fast. If a 7% growth continues for 10 years, then that economy's size doubles......So that's super fast growing growth rate. And being one of the largest economies in the region, achieving this 7.3% this fiscal and next year, 7.6%, is really amazing,"

- Yasuyuki Sawada, Chief Economist, Asian Development Bank (ADB) (Edited excerpts)

'Smart Millionaire Portfolio' was launched 5 Feb 2018 with the objective to derive advantage from this favorable development. It is suitable for those investors who are willing to invest for medium term of 3-1/2 years with low to medium risk. Based on returns generated from other medium to long term schemes from Smart VERC we expect this portfolio to deliver 25% to 28% CAGR returns. Thus investment of Rs 5 lac can turn into Rs 10 lac in 3-1/2 years, which demands 22% CAGR.



About the scheme

Start date: 5th Feb 2018

Start sum: Rs 5 lacs

Target sum: Rs 10 lacs (One Million)

Duration: Target sum or 3 years and 6 months whichever is earlier

Risk: Medium

Portfolio will always have about 15 stocks.

Portfolio structure: Core - Satellite. 60% of portfolio is invested in core large company stocks and remaining in fast growing medium and small companies.


Performance so far

The portfolio returns have started on a very encouraging note. Since launch on 5 Feb 2018 'Smart millionaire Portfolio' has gained 8.33% compared to just 1.07% gains in BSE Sensitive Index.



How the scheme works

On subscription we shall provide the complete list of stocks with quantities as per the latest status of the portfolio. Kindly replicate the same at your end. Stocks shall be purchased / sold by you in your account. Money & shares shall remain with you.

As and when any changes are required in portfolio, we send you the message (name of stock and number of shares) through mobile SMS message, Whatsapp and soft copy in login area. On an average one change shall be made every 15 days

Every Monday status of Smart Millionaire Portfolio will be updated on website, which can be accessed by logging via Username and Password provided by us.


Duration of Scheme

Scheme will end if the total sum reaches Rs 10 lac or completes 3.5 years, whichever is earlier.


Guarantee of success

In short term market sentiments play a very dominant role in deciding the stock returns, but in the long run it is the company financial performance which decides the returns. Since we are investing for medium term based on financial soundness, management acumen and future prospects, aggregate stock returns are expected to be much better than market performance.

Despite many favorable factors we do not provide any guarantee of achieving the target returns, as stock movements are always subject to market risk

Investors are strongly advised to invest only the total-free money. Please do not borrow to invest

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