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Money does grow on trees, for Smart VERC subscribers!

Making money in the stock market has become an easy cakewalk for our subscribers. Millions of investors have benefited from our recommendations.

India has the largest English speaking people, the largest youngest population in the world (likely to remain for the next 30 years at least), exponentially increasing middle-class people, very low per capita consumption in almost every field and huge scope for infrastructure development. With almost assured 7% plus GDP growth, India is going to remain the darling for all kinds of investors for many years to come. Indian economy is highly resilient to global upheavals. This has been proved several times in the past. Thus any irrationality in the markets should be used in your favour.

Making money from stocks is very easy, provided you have the capability to value a share correctly, stomach big enough to digest huge share price swings and have tons of patience.

Over the years, we at Smart VERC have attained a sort of mastery in finding out the 'True Value' and benefiting from the irrational (read emotional) investor behavior. This has been amply proved umpteen numbers of times:

  • A large number of advised stocks have delivered several hundred per cent returns.
  • 'Smart Value Gains' started with Rs 1 lacs turned Rs 4 Lacs in just 10 months.
  • 'Smart Fast Track Gains' started with Rs 1 Lacs turned Rs 2 lacs in just 10.3 months etc.

Smart VERC is for investors who are keen to outperform and hungry for success in stock markets.

We are the darling of our subscribers (subscription renewal rate 87%) and can be your dependable partner too in creating wealth. Give us a Lever (read time) long enough and we can turn every investor dream into reality.

Happy investing,

A K Asnani
Research Head & CEO

  • Jaisingh Rathore,


    Hats off to your vision and pro activeness.

  • Nipun Kumar Patel,


    I have been investing in Equity since 2005. But the peace of mind is at a peak after coming into association with you.

  • Sharad Khandelwal,


    Yes. I am very much happy with your product Smart Freedom Stocks. Now I am rest assured that someone is taking care nicely.

  • Suresh Kumar,


    Thank You, Sir, for a great and awesome workshop. We were able to get a clear picture of where we have to go and how.

  • Amit Solanki,


    My basic and essential knowledge about equity has been developed by you. As a newcomer, I have found a very good Guide / Guruji like you.

  • Dipak Agarwal,


    Sir, to be honest, you are my strength! Without you, I cannot buy the business from stock Market! You've given me perspective to think.

  • S Padam Mehta,


    Sir, things you shared out of your learning is very much useful guidance. Lots of emotional intelligence ideas! Notes are amazing!

  • Aditya P Singh,


    Attended Seminar and Workshop in Bhavnagar Gujarat, and Delhi seminar as well. He’s a pure man of conscious and rationality.

  • Sandeep Singhal ,


    Your nuggets of wisdom are priceless.

  • Chetan Padhiar,


    Website: There is something so authentic & inviting about the 3 rolling messages on Smart VERC’s website home page - It says everything!

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