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Don't you try to purchase a mobile handset from the website / shop which charges the minimum landed price? But do you purchase a stock which offers maximum value with minimum price?

It is the VALUE only which can let you make a killing in stock market, like in any other trade. VALUE based investing can earn you life time gains! In addition if you have the right mix of stocks in your portfolio then sky is the limit to your earnings!

This has been amply demonstrated time and again in various products from Smart VERC. Followers of Smart Billionaire Picks (part of product Smart Gains) are already on the way to Rs 100 crore (one Billion) starting with as small a sum of Rs 1 lac (one tenth of Million).

Do you have the resources to find the value of stock?

There is no written procedure / formula to find value of stock and those who know do not want to share the secrets.

To help investors acquire more value for their investments, our research team started organizing seminars from the year 2004 and stepped into coaching classes and Workshops in the year 2009. Investors from New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kota, Surat, Bhopal, Indore, Nashik, Nadiad, Baroda, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Junagadh, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, highly appreciated the inputs / contents.

The miracle is the more we share, the more we have. - Leonard Nimoy

All the Workshops and Seminars are personally steered by A K Asnani, Research Head and CEO, Smart VERC.

  • WTB Workshop, New Delhi
  • 3 Steps to Billionaire (Evening), Seminar, Mumbai
  • WTB Workshop, Chennai
  • Way to create wealth from stocks, Seminar, BHOPAL
  • WTB Seminar, Surat
  • WTB Workshop, Pune
  • "Way To Billionaire" Book Launch, Ahmedabad
  • WTB Seminar, Bangalore
  • WTB Workshop, Ahmedabad



Emotions, especially fear play a very crucial role in creating wealth from stock in the long term. The purpose of this seminar is every single investor who attends to walk away knowing the right strategy to play a winning game with fear - all in an unbelievably smooth and easy way.

What you will learn in Seminar -

  • How to WIN over your fear?
  • What are the factors which bring CONFIDENCE in you?
  • Which kind of stocks will be the WINNER in the next boom?
  • A POWERFUL strategy to provide stability in your portfolio.
  • How to BEAT Mr Market in his own game?

Seminar is suitable for -

  • Those who wish to fulfill their dreams like a good house, child higher education, & leisure tours.
  • Early retirement planning.
  • Pursue stock advisory as a carrier.
  • Individuals whose goal is to build mega wealth over time.
  • All kinds of investors even with little or no experience.

Minting money from stocks is SIMPLE, investors make it COMPLEX

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To empower investors to invest in stocks on their own and live their highest vision in the context of the dreams they have and pursue their passion in harmony with the highest good of all concerned.

What you will learn in Workshop -

  • Which category of stocks can get you a multibagger - Income, Value or Growth?
  • Apart from strong fundamentals what else you need to look for?
  • Why we need a good stock story to follow? From where to get this story? How long to follow?
  • How to find 'Fair-Value'? How to calculate EPS growth, PE ratio (highly misunderstood) and CAGR.
  • When to add stock to ‘Watch List’?
  • How to introduce a stock in your portfolio and when to increase its might?
  • Buying a stock is only half done, what next and how?
  • How to exit: It is when you sell that count.


  • a) No complex formula/equations/software, only knowledge of basic mathematics taught in Class 8th shall be sufficient.
  • b) Only fundamentals shall be deliberated no technical analysis or charts shall be discussed in the workshop.

What you will get in Workshop -

  • A hard copy of Short notes on presentation.
  • Opportunity to ask all sorts of related questions at the end of every session.
  • Hands-on experience of finding stock Fair Value for four cases.
  • Portfolio of five potential multibagger stocks.
  • Soft copy of key slides shall be shared in the Whatsapp group one week after Workshop.
  • Pen/Writing pad/reading material/Soft copy of key Presentation slides.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Morning and evening Tea & cookies.
  • Three months subscription to our premiere product Smart Gains FREE worth Rs 950/-.
  • Post Workshop, exclusive Whatsapp group shall be formed for participants wherein issues associated with Multibagger stocks will be discussed. This group will be live for three months.

For whom

  • Who want to immensely improve their stock investment returns.
  • Those who want to take up this profession as a carrier.
  • Those looking for creating long term mega wealth from stocks.
  • It will be helpful in evaluating IPOs also.
  • Looking to quit the job early and pursue their passion.
  • Even beginners will be benefitted if they have clarity about EPS and PE ratio.

After attending you will be able to pick multibagger stocks on your own.

Forthcoming Workshop

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  • Jaisingh Rathore,


    Hats off to your vision and pro activeness.

  • Nipun Kumar Patel,


    I have been investing in Equity since 2005. But the peace of mind is at a peak after coming into association with you.

  • Sharad Khandelwal,


    Yes. I am very much happy with your product Smart Freedom Stocks. Now I am rest assured that someone is taking care nicely.

  • Suresh Kumar,


    Thank You, Sir, for a great and awesome workshop. We were able to get a clear picture of where we have to go and how.

  • Amit Solanki,


    My basic and essential knowledge about equity has been developed by you. As a newcomer, I have found a very good Guide / Guruji like you.

  • Dipak Agarwal,


    Sir, to be honest, you are my strength! Without you, I cannot buy the business from stock Market! You've given me perspective to think.

  • S Padam Mehta,


    Sir, things you shared out of your learning is very much useful guidance. Lots of emotional intelligence ideas! Notes are amazing!

  • Aditya P Singh,


    Attended Seminar and Workshop in Bhavnagar Gujarat, and Delhi seminar as well. He’s a pure man of conscious and rationality.

  • Sandeep Singhal ,


    Your nuggets of wisdom are priceless.

  • Chetan Padhiar,


    Website: There is something so authentic & inviting about the 3 rolling messages on Smart VERC’s website home page - It says everything!

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