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Don't you try to buy a mobile handset that carries maximum features at a minimal price? But do you buy a stock that offers maximum value with a minimum price?

It is the VALUE only which can let you make a killing in the stock market, like in any other trade. VALUE-based investing can earn you lifetime gains! In addition, if you have the right mix of stocks in your portfolio, then the sky is the limit to your earnings!

This has been amply demonstrated time and again in various products from Smart VERC. Followers of Smart Billionaire Picks (part of the product Smart Gains) are already on the way to Rs 100 crore (one Billion), starting with as small a sum of Rs 1 lac (one-tenth of a Million).

Do you have the resources to find the value of the stock?

There is no written procedure or formula to find the value of the stock, and those who have acquired this skill do not want to share the secrets.

To help investors acquire more value for their investments, our research team started organizing seminars in 2004 and stepped into coaching classes and Workshops in 2009. Investors from New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kota, Surat, Bhopal, Indore, Nashik, Nadiad, Baroda, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Junagadh, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore highly appreciated the inputs/contents.

The miracle is the more we share, the more we have. - Leonard Nimoy

All the Workshops and Seminars are personally steered by Dr. A K Asnani, Research Head and CEO, Smart VERC.

  • KISS to win in stocks, Bengaluru, Bengaluru
  • Stocks: KISS to Win, Chennai, Chennai
  • WTB Workshop, New Delhi
  • 3 Steps to Billionaire (Evening), Seminar, Mumbai
  • WTB Workshop, Chennai
  • Way to create wealth from stocks, Seminar, BHOPAL
  • WTB Seminar, Surat
  • WTB Workshop, Pune
  • "Way To Billionaire" Book Launch, Ahmedabad
  • WTB Seminar, Bangalore
  • WTB Workshop, Ahmedabad



Emotions, especially fear, play a crucial role in creating wealth from the stock market. The purpose of this seminar is for every single investor who attends to walk away knowing the right strategy to play a winning game with greed and fear - all in an unbelievably smooth and easy way.

What you will learn in the Seminar -

  • How to WIN over your fear?
  • Simple yet compelling INSIGHTS to improve stock returns.
  • What are the factors which bring CONFIDENCE in you?
  • Which kind of stocks will be the WINNER in the next boom?
  • A POWERFUL strategy to provide stability in your portfolio.
  • How to BEAT Mr. Market in his own game?

Seminar is suitable for -

  • Those who wish to fulfill their dreams like a good house, child higher education, & leisure tours.
  • Early retirement planning.
  • Pursue stock advisory as a carrier.
  • Individuals whose goal is to build mega wealth over time.
  • Those who wish to improve their returns.
  • All kinds of investors, even with little or no experience.

Minting money from stocks is SIMPLE; investors make it COMPLEX.

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Empower investors to analyse stocks and project future share price based on the PE ratio.

By Whom

All the sessions will be personally steered by A K Asnani, Research Head and CEO of Smart VERC.

What you will learn in Workshop -

  • Basics of PE ratio
  • Correct way of finding PE ratio
  • PE as a tool to value a stock
  • How to project a share price using a PE ratio?
  • PE should be calculated on past earning or forward earnings.
  • Is PE alone sufficient to value a stock?
  • Why PE is so powerful
  • Is low PE better or high PE?
  • What is the learning from changing PE ratio over the years?


  • No complex formula/equations/software, only knowledge of basic mathematics taught in Class 8th shall be sufficient.
  • Only fundamentals shall be deliberated no technical analysis or charts shall be discussed in the workshop.

What you will get in Workshop -

  • Opportunity to ask all sorts of related questions.
  • Hands-on experience in finding PE in at least four cases.
  • Hands-on experience in projecting the future share price of growth stocks.
  • Soft copies of key slides shall be shared in the WhatsApp group one week post Workshop.
  • Surprise offer worth Rs 500
  • Post Workshop, an exclusive WhatsApp group shall be formed for participants wherein issues associated with the PE ratio will be discussed. This group will be live for three months.

For whom

  • Investors interested in building confidence and conviction, which helps in controlling emotions.
  • Investors willing to immensely improve their stock investment returns.
  • From an educational point of view.
  • Very helpful in evaluating IPOs.

After attending the workshop, you will have total clarity on the PE ratio. Don’t miss this unforgettable experience. Limited seats. Book your seat now!

Forthcoming Workshop

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  • Avinash Tripathi,


    His command over managing Stocks in a portfolio is par excellent.

  • Vaibhav Gupta,


    You have accomplished my long search for good investment advisor.

  • Pawan Sharma,


    I have observed that your Recommendations have always been correct. I have been benefited tremendously by your recommendations. Keep it up.

  • Manohar Shintre,


    By far the smartest investment advisor I have come across.

  • Siddharth Chamaria,


    Congratulations on 20 years of Smart Gains. Following for more than 15 years now and still keep a lookout for it every Wednesday morning.

  • Pooja Ahuja,


    I had attended your Workshop and found very effective in your investing strategies. Impressed by your humbleness and strong conviction in your philosophy. You are a true blessing for investors.

  • Siddharth Shah,


    I'm in association with Mr. AK Asnani - Smart VERC for just over three years & have been benefited a lot from Value investing mindset by attending 2 seminars & 1 workshop in Ahmedabad.

  • Nil G Faldu,


    I am glad to share that after attending a seminar titled 'How to Dance with fear' I learned how to overcome fear in a simple and highly practical way.

  • Mihir P Thaker,


    Feeling blessed to have come in your contact and proud to have you on my side.

  • Deepak Agarwal,


    There was a time I felt that the stock market is not my cup of tea. But after meeting with you, the scenario has changed. Thanks for encouragement.

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