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Most of us have at least one dream (the ultimate dream), so big that it literally takes our breath away. And if you are like common people, you might have dismissed the idea as absurd, postponed it for the future, which never comes. This ultimate dream can be as wild as, quitting a Job!

Your dream can make this world a better place in several ways.

'Smart Freedom Stocks' is here to make this dream come alive. To multiply investment 7 times in Ten years you need a CAGR return of 22%. This is exactly the expectations from this product, based on returns generated from a similar product like Smart Billionaire Picks.

Returns are tremendous and the cost involved very nominal!

For whom

  • Age 20 to 30 years: Best time to derive maximum gains from compounding effect.
  • Age 30 to 40 years: Prepare for buying a dream house.
  • Age 40 to 50 years: Prepare for child higher education and marriage.
  • Age 50 to 60 years: Prepare for retirement and pursue your passion.
  • Those who wish to learn the stock-picking ideas and way to manage their stocks.

We all get equal chance to get benefitted from the magic of Power of compounding. Unfortunately very few appreciate this fact and derive the benefit.

About the product

  • Start date: 12th Oct 2015
  • Scheme terminal date 31 Dec 2025
  • Yearly subscription available
  • Expected returns: About 7 times (assuming 22% CAGR returns and performance of our other similar longer duration products), though we do not undertake any guarantee.
  • Risk: Low to Medium.
  • We shall only provide you the advice. All shares transactions to be performed by the investor.
  • Freedom stocks shall be advised with a complete research report based on the available opportunity.
  • Structure: Core satellite. 80% of the stocks advised to form the core and remaining are satellite-like, fast-growing medium and small-sized companies.

Performance so far

Since start (12-10- 2015) Smart Freedom Stocks gained 59% while BSE Sensex gained 46% only as on 28 June 2019!



How the product works

  • New subscribers will have to start with the present total value of Smart Freedom Stocks.
  • Changes if any are notified through Mobile App,(under development), SMS message, Whatsapp, Email and soft copy in login area.
  • On an average one change is made every 25 days.
  • Latest composition and valuation is always available on website and can be accessed by logging into your area via Username and Password provided by us.

Guarantee of success

  • Based on the past track record of various similar products we are confident of achieving the target sum.
  • In the short term, market sentiments play a very dominant role in deciding the stock returns, but in the long run, it is the company's financial performance which decides the returns. Since we are investing for a long term based on financial soundness, management acumen, and future prospects, stock returns are expected to be far better than the market performance.
  • Despite many favorable factors we do not provide any guarantee of achieving the target returns.

Investors are strongly advised to invest only the total-free money, as the investment horizon is pretty long. Do not ever borrow to invest!

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  • Jaisingh Rathore,


    Hats off to your vision and pro activeness.

  • Nipun Kumar Patel,


    I have been investing in Equity since 2005. But the peace of mind is at a peak after coming into association with you.

  • Sharad Khandelwal,


    Yes. I am very much happy with your product Smart Freedom Stocks. Now I am rest assured that someone is taking care nicely.

  • Suresh Kumar,


    Thank You, Sir, for a great and awesome workshop. We were able to get a clear picture of where we have to go and how.

  • Amit Solanki,


    My basic and essential knowledge about equity has been developed by you. As a newcomer, I have found a very good Guide / Guruji like you.

  • Dipak Agarwal,


    Sir, to be honest, you are my strength! Without you, I cannot buy the business from stock Market! You've given me perspective to think.

  • S Padam Mehta,


    Sir, things you shared out of your learning is very much useful guidance. Lots of emotional intelligence ideas! Notes are amazing!

  • Aditya P Singh,


    Attended Seminar and Workshop in Bhavnagar Gujarat, and Delhi seminar as well. He’s a pure man of conscious and rationality.

  • Sandeep Singhal ,


    Your nuggets of wisdom are priceless.

  • Chetan Padhiar,


    Website: There is something so authentic & inviting about the 3 rolling messages on Smart VERC’s website home page - It says everything!

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