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The economy is undergoing significant changes, which can be both exciting and intimidating. It's time for you to adapt as well. However, are you ready? The conventional methods of planning for retirement are no longer effective. With the uncertainty caused by Covid-19 and the impact of AI and other technologies on job loss, many people face financial difficulties. But you shouldn't let these challenges prevent you from achieving your financial goals. Equity investing is one of the best ways to secure your future, regardless of the current state of the economy.

Investing successfully requires a combination of art and science. Dr. A K Asnani, with over three decades of experience, leads the Smart VERC team in providing a comprehensive series of 54 video tutorials. Drawing from his early retirement experience and success in stock investing, the team has made the process of equity investing easy and accessible. Their goal is to empower you on this journey by offering a series of short, 20-minute videos under four categories, each supported by a quiz to help you retain the information. The videos provide valuable insights and knowledge from those who have successfully navigated the path of equity investing.

  No. of Videos Avg. watch time Total length
Financial Freedom 9 20 min 180 min
Portfolio Management 9 21 min 189 min
Mastering Emotions 16 20 min 320 min
Stock Research 20 21 min 421 min

With our video series, you can simplify your path to financial freedom and clear away any confusion. These lessons will help build your confidence, allowing you to overcome fears and stay on track toward your financial goals. You'll learn how to overcome limiting beliefs and embrace empowered convictions, as well as the art of facing fear. Subscribe now and take advantage of this opportunity to achieve financial success.

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It can be simple despite the perception that creating wealth through stock investments is complicated. These tools are suitable for both beginners and experienced investors alike. Fear and greed can be the biggest obstacles to achieving great returns, and it doesn't matter how skilled you are - emotions can still get in the way.

Are your fears holding you back? Do they prevent you from reaching your full potential? While feeling scared is natural, it's important to be brave enough to face your fears. When you combine this bravery with determination, you'll be unstoppable.

Our video series covers basics to advanced concepts, using engaging analogies and parallels. It is suitable for investors of all levels of experience and education.

Key Features

  • Straightforward and concise
  • Hands-on approach
  • Strong emphasis on non-financial factors
  • Offers multiple viewpoints
  • Well-structured content
  • Highly educational
  • Real-life examples
  • Assessment through quizzes after each video
  • Certification upon passing all quizzes
  • Convenient online format, accessible from desktop, laptop, or mobile device


You learn

  • Strategies for transforming your mindset to achieve financial success, wealth, peace, and happiness
  • Techniques for determining the true value of a stock
  • Ways to overcome stress, anxiety, and negative emotions to move forward with confidence and conviction
  • And much more!
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