Secret of our stupendous success rate in stock investments is attributed to the wisdom gained from 26 years of research and experience which honed our capability to i) Find the ‘Fair Value’ of any stock with good accuracy and, ii) Courage to resist Pull-down during market lows and Push-on during market highs. This is truly manifested in high customer retention rate of 87% and jaw dropping track record


‘Smart Portfolio’ the best

‘Smart Portfolio’ started with a sum of Rs 1 lac on 30-5-2001 has given the best returns among all stock indices, in the WORLD. Sum of Rs 1 lac invested on 30th May 2001 has become Rs 45.01 lacs as on 19-10- 2016!!

‘Smart Portfolio’ was created with the objective of demonstrating to the investors how to make mega returns with total piece of mind. The changes in the portfolio are made only once in a week every Wednesday at 10 a.m the day of publication of ‘Smart Gains’ our premiere product.

As on 19 Oct 2016 its value has grown to staggering Rs 45.01 Lacs! The highest among all the stock indices in the world!

Smart Portfolio has generated returns of the order of 28% CAGR!

i.e on average its value has doubled every 2.5 years!

Such kind of eye-popping returns can be earned only if one can-

Value the share correctly 

Control emotions like Greed and Fear


Judicious mix of securities

Courage to quickly accept mistakes, if any.

We at smart verc have mastered this art and are ready to share with you.

We want you to be rich because, 

No man becomes rich, unless he enriches  others  -Andrew Carnegie

Take the first step in faith, you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. Subscribe the product which suits you and see how you get addicted to us.

Our products and services

Smart Gains

Portfolio of the year

Smart Reports

Smart Chart Gains

Dr Smart

Smart Manager

Smart SIP


Smart Features


Our track record is sufficient to confirm our uncanny ability to find the ‘Fair Value’ with good precision.

Track record


Recommended stocks gained upto 1000 times! Large number of long term advices turned 100 baggers and countless number of stocks gained more than 10 times!

Nothing is outsourced. We have our own team of well experienced and qualified investment advisors who are not only masters in finding the value but also have the strong stomach to digest the whirlwinds of stock market. This is again proved by the extremely strong performance by ‘Smart Portfolio’ (part of the product - Smart Gains) which delivered returns of the order of 29% CAGR during last 15 years! An investment of Rs 1 lac turned into Rs 36.56 lacs!

We appreciate that your time is your money. Your time is far too valuable to spend it worrying about the fate of your investments.

Now there's no need to worry about your investments, we are always on our toes to look for any changing business prospects for your stocks.

That's why we invite you to experience how Smart-VERC is un-like every other stock advisory service provider.

A lot can happen in just 2 minutes. We have the facility for
online payment.

You can trust Smart-VERC to handle all of your stock investment advisory needs.

India is at the cusp of a mega boom. Don’t miss the opportunity!

So hurry and subscribe now if you want to take your investments to new horizons! You'll get the same unbeatable service that we've given to our subscribers since 1989.


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