Smart Philosophy

Investing Philosophy

Our Stock-Selection Philosophy

  • Identify companies projected to maintain consistent financial growth while excluding one-time income/expenses.
  • Remove companies with prolonged losses and stocks with limited liquidity.
  • Apply filters: scalability, margins, moat, capital use, debt-equity, promoter stake, credibility, dividends, and more.
  • Analyze the company's financial parameters over recent years to unveil underlying trends.
  • Identify compelling future prospects and growth opportunities.
  • Assess stocks' resilience in worst-case scenarios.
  • Using a proprietary methodology, qualitative & quantitative inputs are combined to assess the stock's actual value.
  • Include stocks within +/- 30% of estimated worth in the watch list.
  • Pick the stocks priced at least 25% below estimated worth, with an associated risk level.
  • Set stop-loss levels, weightages, and ensure a reasonable margin of safety for recommended stocks.
  • Distribute recommended stocks to services based on visibility, investment horizon, and target returns.
  • Track vital updates: quarterly results, orders-intake, ratings, earnings calls, and production/sales data.
  • Review regularly and update watch-list stocks as needed.
  • Keep subscribers informed about significant updates.
  • Recommend stock exits before reaching target price or stop-loss, if necessary.
  • Adjust target price, stop-loss, weightage, and risk category as required.
  • Exit stocks once their full potential is realized.

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