Smart Report

Smart Reports: An Overview

  • Published occasionally for the benefit of investors.
  • The current report is part of the regular product, 'Smart Multibaggers,' 'Smart Freedom Stocks,' & 'Smart SIP.'

About the Current 'Smart Report'

  • Date of Publication: 12-09-2023
  • Number of Stocks: 1
  • Stock Market Capitalisation: Large-Cap
  • Stock Price Range: Rs 150 to Rs 300
  • Target Gains: 129%
  • Risk perceived: Low
  • Holding Period: 34 Months
  • Quality of Management: Excellent and highly experienced.
  • Price of Report: Rs 1200 + GST = Rs 1416
  • Highlights: This very old company boasts quality and experienced management. Net Debt has declined sharply from 2.42x in FY18 to 1.02x in FY23. During the last three years, its Revenues and Net Profit grew at a high CAGR of 24% and 42%, respectively. This regular dividend-paying company has Reserves of more than 40 times Equity Capital.

Target Gains and Delivery of Report

  • Target gains are based on specific case scenarios, and there is no guarantee of achieving the target within the indicated holding period.
  • This is a one-time report; no reviews or notifications will be sent on achieving the target.
  • The report in PDF format will be delivered automatically through email immediately after payment. Please wait for 10 minutes to receive the 'Smart Report.'
  • Under no circumstances will the subscription amount be refunded.
Important: The ruling share price on 12 Sep 2023 at 11:30 a.m. is around the same as the recommended price.

Important Notice

  • Please read the Disclosures / Disclaimer section before subscribing.
  • Subscribers of 'Smart Gains', 'Smart Freedom Stocks' & 'Smart SIP' should not subscribe to this report.

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Smart Report: Single stock (It is a part of product Smart Multibaggers & Smart SIP) 1,200.00
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