About Us

What sets a firm apart is as much in its DNA as its business accomplishments. Smart VERC has differentiated itself categorically on both the counts. Since its inception, it is steered by the visionary and passionate A K Asnani, to its standing over three decades on as one of the fastest-growing equity investment advisors, Smart VERC has come a long way.

Over three decades of investing, qualification, experience and wisdom and perfection cannot but show. More than 20,000 users are a testament to its tagline.... 'Your dependable partner in creating wealth'.

Who we are

Smart VERC is a Bhopal (India) based equity research firm. Since the beginning, Smart VERC has believed in hardcore fundamental research. Over the years it has continuously refined its stock valuation model to arrive at "Fair Value' with good accuracy.
Equity Research wing is headed by A K Asnani, who is well known in the investment circle for his acumen in valuing the stocks correctly and rational approach. A K Asnani started investing in equities since 1988. Apart from the rich experience and gaining wisdom over the years he is duly qualified (BE, MBA Finance, ERA-ICFAI Hyderabad, and pursuing Ph.D. and developing a stock valuation model for growth stocks) and registered with SEBI. Also, to share success secrets he authored a book titled ‘Way To Billionaire’. The book published in the year 2015 has been printed two times in English and three times in Gujarati language.

Smart VERC has established strong credentials throughout the country. Its subscriber base spans from Kolkata to Kutch and Srinagar to Kanyakumari. Strong presence in cities like Ludhiana, Kolhapur, Berhampur(Orissa), Nasik Road etc speaks volumes about its success story. It also boasts of customers from Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, USA, UK and Africa.

Fiduciary relationship

We enjoy a special fiduciary relationship of trust and confidence with our customers. Apart from the rewarding advice, it is the honesty and forthrightness of Team Smart VERC that 78% of customers have enrolled on account of word of mouth publicity.


To be recognised and respected as one of the most trusted premier equity investment advisors.


To provide high-quality offerings that combine excellent performance with value pricing, while exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers and suppliers.


  • To provide quality research at a reasonable price.
  • To help investors creating long term wealth.
  • To guide and notify investors during extreme emotions.
  • To share success secrets in stock investing.

With cutting edge expertise Team Smart VERC has time and again introduced a variety of products and services which performed much better than major stock indices and Mutual Funds and rewarded investors handsomely. A slew of stock medley kind of schemes had been launched and we are proud to state that ALL of them have beaten the stock indices not only consistently but with wide margins over a medium to long term basis. It is the incessant quest to better the past performance which brought us laurels.

How we intend to change the world for the better?

Smart VERC desires that we all should pursue our passions, so as to offer the best to the world. Unfortunately, most of us are busy fulfilling someone else's dream. In the process, we earn a meager sum to take care of our financial liabilities (like self-marriage, House loan, Education, Child marriage, vacations, insurance, medical expenses, retirement planning etc). By the time we accomplish our financial objectives, we reach near to the retirement age and our passion remains our dreams only.

If each of us pursues our passion, this world will become a dream place to live, we all will be happier, more satisfied and enjoy our lives much more in a better way.

How we can help you to pursue your passion?

To pursue your passion, you need a magic wand that can take care of all your financial liabilities! Savings alone cannot help you meet your financial challenges. What is required is channeling these savings into smart investments. And this is where we can help you a lot.

We are into this field since 1989 and the results indicate that we are most qualified to be trusted in this pursuit. Large numbers of investors have benefitted tremendously in accomplishing their goals much earlier. Customer feedback from Mumbai - "Honestly speaking, I earned beyond my dreams from your advice. You are the best". This customer is with us since 2001. 

Committed to society

  • We help investors to build wealth.
  • We help companies to grow by helping them command the right valuations and thus they are able to raise more capital. Companies that grow, create wealth for customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders. More wealth in the hands of suppliers, investors and employees lead to more purchasing power and hence growth for other sections of the society.
  • Committed to saving the environment and energy. All our products and services are available in soft copy only. Also, no paper is generated even in our in-house activities. (Production of paper involves significant use of Trees, Water and Energy. Also, Paper creates Waste and production involves Green House Gas Emission.)
  • Avinash Tripathi,


    His command over managing Stocks in a portfolio is par excellent

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    Your success ratio is incredible

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    You have accomplished my long search for good investment advisor

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    Hats off to you sir, for your stupendous success of Smart Billionaire Picks. I am delighted to be associated with one of India's top share market expert who is really peerless

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    Surprisingly simple yet powerful recommendations

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    I have observed that your Recommendations have always been correct. I have been benefited tremendously by your recommendations. Keep it up

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    It's rare to find such honest advice. I knew there should be an easy way of making profits from stocks effectively.

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    By far the smartest investment advisor I have come across.

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