Smart Gains

About the Product

'Smart Gains’, the first product from Smart VERC launched in 1998, is a weekly (@Wednesday) equity advice letter. One stock is advised every week under 'Pick of the Week' accompanied by the complete research report. Target returns for advised stocks are average 35% p.a. with a holding period varying from 3 to 15 months. Notification on achieving the target, hitting the Stop Loss, completion of holding period is provided through Mobile App., SMS, Whatsapp, and Email.

Selected stocks from 'Pick of the Week' become a part of Smart Billionaire Picks (SBP). SBP has at any point in time not more than 20 stocks. ‘Smart Billionaire Picks’ has delivered CAGR returns of 25.43% every year since 2001. Thus an investment of Rs 1 lacs has turned into Rs 69.46 lacs! Any changes in SBP is duly notified.

Since the start, more than 11,000 investors have benefitted from this product. Subscribers get the benefit of access to previous 15 months issues and also advice reviews.

High success rates and wide coverage has made this product most popular among amateurs as well as professionals.

For whom

Investors who:-

  • Are ready to invest for 3 months to 15 months.
  • Desire more returns than other competing assets and even Mutual Funds.
  • Are willing to take a medium risk for high returns.
  • Beginners as well as experts.
  • Invest in IPOs.
  • Want to learn the stock analysis and portfolio management traits.


  • To generate above-market returns with medium risk.
  • Show the magic of power of compounding.
  • Exhibit controlling emotions during boom and doom times.
  • Managing risk by changing stock weightages with changing share prices.


Smart Pick of the Week

Normally One stock is covered with clear ‘Target Price’, ‘Stop-Loss’, and ‘Holding Period’. Target returns are ~ 35% per annum. The analysis covers five years of financial performance, last one-year stock price movement, company activities, future growth drivers, management quality, expected gains (in normally 3 to 15 months), Stop Loss and analysis pertaining to book value, promoter equity stake, PE, PEG, etc. Advised stocks are constantly under our in-house watch list and are reviewed regularly for any significant events. Stocks advised in the past are reviewed regularly in terms of financial performance, rating upgrades, etc and updates are always available to subscribers. These reviews are continued till the stock achieves Target or hits Stop-Loss.

Stocks are categorized as Value or Growth along with associated risk with respect to the market. Thus stocks can be sub-categorized as Dark Horse (going un-noticed), Low Priced Stocks (below Rs 50), Potential Multibagger, Emerging Blue Chips, Turnaround stocks.
Past Performance

Smart Billionaire Picks


Present Value of investment of Rs 1 Lac


The similar amount invested in BSE Sensitive Index would have grown to mere Rs 10.76 Lacs with CAGR returns of only 13.76%. Thus in absolute terms, Smart Billionaire Picks earned 6 times more returns than BSE Sensex! To our knowledge, no Mutual Fund or any stock index has ever gained at such a high rate for such a long duration.

‘Smart Billionaire Picks’ outperforms BSE Sensitive Index by wide margins!

Year-wise performance comparison Smart Billionaire Picks and BSE Sensex

Year Date Smart Billionaire Picks (% change) BSE Sensex (% change)
1 28 May 2002 23% - 9%
2 28 May 2003 11% - 6%
3 09 Jun 2004 111% 59%
4 08 Jun 2005 75% 37%
5 07 Jun 2006 58% 45%
6 06 Jun 2007 24% 23%
7 04 Jun 2008 8% 8%
8 03 Jun 2009 - 21% - 5%
9 02 Jun 2010 59% 11%
10 01 Jun 2011 0% 12%
11 30 May 2012 - 23% - 12%
12 29 May 2013 11% 23%
13 28 May 2014 49% 22%
14 27 May 2015 56% 12%
15 01 Jun 2016 9% - 3%
16 31 May 2017 42% 17%
17 30 May 2018 20% 12%
18 29 May 2019 0% 12%
  CAGR 25.96% 14.16%

It may be noted that after every under-performance by Smart Billionaire Picks the bounce-back in subsequent years is very sharp.

Reason: The portfolio stocks are thoroughly researched and ensured for sound performance in the coming years. Thus in the short term, these stocks may get hammered along with market sentiments. But over a period the performance (financial results) speaks, and these stocks bounce back with vengeance.

Find a Smarter stock advisor, If you can!

  30 May 2001 (Start Date) 07 Feb 2020 Percent change
Smart Billionaire Picks Rs 1 lac Rs 69.46 lacs 6846%
BSE Sensex 3,662 41,219 1026%

IPO Monitor

Brief details and analysis of the forthcoming IPO are covered in the tabulated form, along with our investment advice.

Smart Watch

Covers the happenings which can affect the Economy, Industry or the Company like, commodity prices, Inflation, company news, FPI investment trends, etc.

Market My Beat

Short, Medium and Long term stock market prospects are analysed occasionally considering micro as well as macro-economic factors.

Performance (last 5 years):   'Pick of the Week'

  • Total 374 stocks were advised in ‘Smart Gains’.
  • The average success rate of 83%.
  • 94% are ruling above the advice price.
  • 68% gained more than 50%.
  • 41% gained more than 100%
  • 33% gained more than 200%
  • 176% average returns against 77% in BSE Sensex in the same period.

In the below tables, 'Advice price' is adjusted for the bonus, split, etc. and 'Current Price' is delayed by ~ 20 minutes from BSE server

Best Ten advices of last seven years

Stock Date Advice Price Current Price #
KRBL Ltd. 06-04-2012 18.45 252.45
Ruchira Papers Ltd. 21-10-2019 8.50 50.50
KRBL Ltd. 21-11-2012 26.35 252.45
TVS Srichakra Ltd. 13-11-2013 268.70 1,388.00
KRBL Ltd. 18-12-2013 31.65 252.45
Igarashi Motors India Ltd. 11-09-2013 31.65 280.05
Accelya Solutions India Ltd. 08-08-2012 167.85 1,022.10
Suprajit Engineering Ltd. 31-05-2012 21.75 167.60
Page Industries Ltd. 25-02-2011 1,635.00 18,494.45
Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd. 01-01-2014 41.50 469.90

Best Five advices of the year 2017

Stock Date Advice Price Current Price #
JMC Projects (India) Ltd. 28-06-2017 268.00 51.50
GNA Axles Ltd. 26-04-2017 234.00 218.00
West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. 04-01-2017 132.00 177.85
Birla Cable Ltd. 04-10-2017 41.00 50.80
Wheels India Ltd. 14-06-2017 632.50 392.85

Best Five advices of the year 2016

Stock Date Advice Price Current Price #
Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. 11-05-2016 199.45 12.61
Can Fin Homes Ltd. 16-11-2016 252.00 413.65
Bajaj Finserv Ltd. 04-05-2016 1,915.00 5,682.05
Meghmani Organics Ltd. 22-03-2016 21.05 76.05
Deepak Nitrite Ltd. 16-03-2016 63.10 853.80

Best Five advices of the year 2015

Stock Date Advice Price Current Price #
Garware Technical Fibres Ltd. 01-04-2015 184.00 1,822.00
Nitin Spinners Ltd. 18-03-2015 29.40 36.80
Bajaj Finance Ltd. 21-01-2015 388.79 3,304.40
Suprajit Engineering Ltd. 13-05-2015 112.90 167.60
Sundaram-Clayton Ltd. 22-04-2015 1,715.00 1,647.00

Best Five advices of the year 2014

Stock Date Advice Price Current Price #
Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd. 01-01-2014 41.50 469.90
Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd. 08-01-2014 55.00 195.10
Kalyani Steels Ltd. 19-03-2014 54.70 204.50
GMM Pfaudler Ltd. 05-02-2014 94.35 4,717.00
Vinyl Chemicals India Ltd. 19-02-2014 13.81 98.15

One year subscription price is hardly 0.64% for an investor with investments of Rs 5 lacs and is very small compared to the historical returns generated and the enriched learning.

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