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Our equity research reports focus more on retail investors and brokers interested in making informed investment decisions in the stock market. Investors may have varying experiences and knowledge about investing, but they seek reliable and insightful research to help them evaluate potential investment opportunities.

Our stock recommendation services are a perfect fit if 

  • You are serious about creating wealth.
  • You are a self-directed investor who prefers investing and managing your own investment portfolio.
  • While you may engage in short-term trading, you are more likely to have a long-term investment horizon and focus on building wealth over time.
  • Age is no bar. If you invest free money for the long term in thoroughly researched and well-diversified 15-20 stocks, there is a low risk even for retired people.
  • Income Requirement: While there is no strict income requirement, saving more and regularly investing would be prudent to create a healthy corpus.
  • You may be keen to learn the process of research and stock valuations.
  • You may be interested in analyzing individual companies, evaluating financial statements, and understanding business fundamentals.
  • Your risk tolerance can vary, ranging from conservative to those more open to risk.
  • You understand the risks involved in stock investing.

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