Why should one invest in shares ?

Commonly used investment options are:

  • Bank / Company Fixed Deposits: Returns are low and after deducting Inflation and impact of Tax the real returns are abysmally low.
  • Gold: Returns are just sufficient to cover Inflation.
  • Mutual Funds: About 70% Mutual Funds are not able to outperform their benchmark indices. Also, the Expense ratio for actively managed Mutual Funds is high around 2% 
  • Real Estate: Requires considerable investment. Lacks liquidity. Long term returns are much lower than stock returns.
  • Commodities: Highly speculative. One needs to have thorough knowledge not only at the national but also international level.
  • Equity Shares: Investment in Equity shares provide the best route to riches. High returns, high liquidity and low risk for long term investors. Success depends on the ability of rightly valuing shares and a strong stomach to digest the whirlwinds of the stock market. Alternatively, you should have access to a good investment advisor.

Historically, the Indian share market with compound returns of about 15% per annum has outperformed all other investments. Warren Buffett, one of the richest persons in the world has created wealth through shares.

Is investing in IPO safe ?

IPOs are not as safe as perceived by investors. Before going public, companies are not required for as many disclosures as post IPO. Many a time, it has been observed that certain company policies changed post-IPO like Dividend payout, etc.

"It's almost a mathematical impossibility to imagine that, out of the thousands of things for sale on a given day, the most attractively priced is the one being sold by a knowledgeable seller (company insiders) to a less-knowledgeable buyer (investors)." - Warren Buffett

How to arrive at the ‘Fair Value’?

Whenever we buy some aticle we always compare the 'Price' we pay and the 'Value' we get, consciously or sub-consciously.

When an investor buys a stock he hardly compares the current price with its worth (Value). The worth of the stock is known by various names like Fair Value / Real Value / True Value / Intrinsic Value. Without knowing the Fair Value it is extremely difficult for an investor to have strong confidence and develop a conviction.

Mathematically, 'Fair Value’ is the sum total of all future receivables from the company suitably discounted at current prices. Even a small error in predicting the lifespan of the company or its growth rate or the discount rate used can make a big error in arriving at Fair Value.

Often investors use standalone PE ratio, or compare the stock PE with Industry PE or look for high a dividend yield, which is not the correct way. Apart from past performance, one needs to consider the future prospects, quality of management, promoter stake, etc. Thus finding worth is a combination of quantitative and qualitative tools.

We at Smart VERC use different techniques for Growth and Value stocks. PEG (Price Earnings to Growth ratio) works very well for the Growth stocks and has proved a very effective valuation technique. While for Value stocks there is no single parameter, every stock needs to be dealt with differently. At the core of the core what we are looking for in this fast-changing world is 'If I acquire a stake in your company, when will my money get doubled?' 

Overall, the valuation part is not as difficult as made to be. It comes through experience and a better connection with the subconscious mind. To compare with, it is like driving a car which for outsiders looks very simple but if you ask a driver to explain, he may find it very difficult even to tell you at what rpm he changes the gear from second to thord!

Should one go for ‘Day trading’ ?

Day Trading: In Day trading the buying and selling transactions are closed within the same trading day. Ask yourself what specialty you have that market should reward you against millions of investors fighting to earn returns in a short period. Investors should avoid it. It creates excitement, insomnia for many investors. Hardly anyone has created long term wealth via Day-trading. Highly risky!

Shall I invest in shares through ‘Futures and Options’?

These stock derivatives can be used for Hedging as well as Speculation. Hedging is safer, while Speculation has a very high degree of uncertainties and could be a risky proposition. 

Warren Buffett describes Derivatives as “financial weapons of mass destruction”.

Success mantra for success in share market ?

Ability to find ‘Fair Value’ with fairly good accuracy, big enough stomach to digest emotional upheavals, patience and efficiently managing a portfolio.

Can you suggest some good books on investment ?

Book name Publisher Writer Price (approx.)
One Up On Wall Street Simon And Schuster Peter Lynch, John Rothchild Rs 400
Beating the street Simon And Schuster Peter Lynch, John Rothchild Rs 400
The Little Book of Valuation: How to value a company ... Wiley India Pvt Ltd. Aswath Damodaran Rs 350
It's When You Sell That Counts McGraw-Hill Donal L. Cassidy Rs 600
The Winning Investment Habits Of Warren Buffett & George Soros Truman Talley Books Mark Tier Rs 1800

How to find a good investment advisor?

Many people dream of striking rich, by playing the share market. To make this castle-in-the-sky a reality, one needs to be much disciplined. Heeding to tips from brokerage firms or hot stocks from free advisors can break you very fast. If someone is promising the moon and stars (unbelievably high returns), be cagey, be wary of shady business practices.

Remember: Honest investment advisors will never make ridiculous claims. Anybody claiming to get you astronomically high returns should be watched with suspicion.

Look for the qualification, track record, understanding of a business, and experience of the advisor. Ask your advisor how many crashes he has seen and what actions he recommended to his clients in those moments.

Building long-term wealth under the guidance of a good investment advisor is very easy. Be ready to pay advisory fees of about 2% to 3% if he is able to get you 20% plus long term returns.

Finding a good advisor is more difficult than finding a good stock.

What is the secret success of 'Smart Billionaire Picks' ?

Smart Billionaire Picks (part of Smart Gains) started on 30 May 2001 has gained @26.38% per annum.

Success is attributed to:-

  • Expertise in deriving the stock’s real worth.
  • The knack to spot potential multi-baggers at an early stage.
  • Control on greed and fear.
  • Maintaining proficiently a diversified and well-balanced portfolio in terms of sector, weightage, business groups and market capitalisation.
For more about SBP   Click here,


Why there is no forecast about the market in your articles and Webinars ?

We follow the bottoms-up approach. First the Company fundamentals, then the Industry and last the Economy. Occasionally, we do provide our views on the macro and micro parameters of the economy. In the long term, primarily it is the company fundamentals that will decide the share price, the market has a very little role.

Why the stress is provided on out-performing the benchmark stock indices ?

Worldwide it has been proved time and again, that beating a well-diversified large company portfolio consistently and year after year, is almost impossible. BSE Sensitive a broad-based index is derived from a basket of 30 stocks which are highly diversified (industry-wise) and mostly industry leaders. To our knowledge there is no Mutual Fund or any entity which has out-performed the BSE Sensex for more than 10 years in a row.

We are proud to share that Smart Billionaire Picks (SBP, a part of our advisory product 'Smart Gains') started on 30 May 2001 has outperformed 76.74% of the time and delivered 26.91% compound returns compared to 14.33% from BSE Sensitive Index during the same period.

Smart Billionaire Picks - part of 'Smart Gains' was started long back, how to benefit from it now ?

Any stock that is a part of ‘Smart Billionaire Picks’ is a good buy at the current price. Those who wish to follow can replicate in proportion to the weights assigned. Since the start on 30 May 2001, the aggregate returns of these picks is almost double the BSE Sensex returns on a CAGR basis.

This collection of stocks is only for demonstration purposes. It should not be construed as a solicitation to buy or sell any stock. It can be very useful for those who wish to learn how to diversify in terms of weightages, sectors, Groups etc, how to Add / Hold / Exit from stocks and respond to changing market conditions. Advice is based solely on the valuation of the stock, with no bearing on past price behavior. As a policy we always remain fully invested, hence Cash not indicated which is always an insignificant amount, but captured in ‘Total’.
For more about SBP   Click here,

What is the basis of categorization of stocks as Growth and Value?

  • Value Stock: After considering all the factors we arrive at intrinsic value (fair value). If this intrinsic value is considerably lower than the ruling stock price, then it is called a value stock. Often this value is hidden in the form of Assets or Management quality or Patents or Technology etc and the combination thereof. In Value stocks, the waiting time can be pretty high and need lots of patience.
  • Growth Stock: Stocks of those companies which are expected to grow faster than the industry average. Such stocks command higher than the average P/E ratios.

Which advisory product is best suited to me?

Visit the page Products at a glance.

What is the guarantee of success of the stocks advised in services?

Advised stocks have a reasonably good margin of safety in terms of the difference between the advised price and the intrinsic worth of the stock.
Still, there are chances of volatile stock returns:-

  • Wild stock market movements may lead to sharp erosion in gains in the short term.
  • Major changes in macroeconomy parameters or Regulatory changes can impact short term prospects.
  • Corporate governance issues can erode the gains.

Thus there is no guarantee of returns, but long term track record indicates a very high success rate and rate of returns.

Categorically, we state that ‘We do not promise or provide any guarantee for success for the advised stocks in any of our services’. Yes, we do claim to have expertise in valuing a stock with fairly good accuracy. We also claim to have patience and guts to start new schemes when our peers dare to even talk of the stocks. (In March ’09 ‘Smart Value Gains’ was launched with a notional sum of Rs 1 lacs and it surpassed Rs 4 lacs in just 11 months. Again in June 2009 a new scheme ‘Smart Fast Track Gains’ was launched with a notional sum of Rs 1 lacs which multiplied two times in just 10.3 months.)

When and how to average down the cost of acquisition?

Investors may consider buying more shares of the company, if:

  • The company story remains intact.
  • Ruling price is at least 15% below the last buying price.
  • Fresh purchases should not be more than 20% of the existing holding. So that there is a scope for adding further.
  • Stock occupies no more than the weightage indicated at the time of advice.
  • The stock's sector weightage is below 20% in your portfolio.

When to sell a stock?

For the stocks advised by us, investors can exit If the stock price reaches Target or hits Stop Loss or we advise you to exit.

For the stocks not advised by us, investors can check for the following:- 

  • If the stock price is above the intrinsic worth.
  • Had this stock not been in your portfolio, would you buy it today? If the honest answer is ‘No’, then it is time to make an exit.
  • If the stock price movements are distinctly diverging downward with respect to stock indices for prolonged times.
  • If the prospects have changed and are not favorable for the company growth (maybe due to currency movements, Government policies, crude oil movement etc).
  • If the stock weightage goes well above the planned allocation in your portfolio.

What is your stock selection process ?

Any key development which can change the fortunes of a company (like acquiring a big order, Budget impact, changes in raw material prices, technology tie-up, the strategic investor acquiring a stake, change of CEO, changes in industry prospects, or any other event which can have a significant impact on its prospects) is scrutinized for other fundamentals like P/E, book value, liquidity, return on equity, the trend in Profit margins, Debt /Equity ratio. Satisfied with fundamentals, the stock is included in our ‘Watch List’. As and when the stock price recedes below ‘Fair Value’ by at least 20%, the stock is advised for various services suiting the Risk-Return profile and investment horizon.

For more, visit the page Investment Philosophy

Can I buy a stock if it is ruling above the advised price?

  • Since we are targeting no less than 30% annual returns, a variation of up to 3% will not make much difference in total returns. Thus if an investor acquires a stock with 5% weightage at a price of 3% higher, then the impact on total portfolio shall be only 0.15%. 
  • We are here to serve you for a long-long time. Large numbers of advised stocks have turned mega-baggers. If you buy a stock at a price 3% above our recommended price and stock turns into a multi-bagger, the impact would be hardly visible.

Why should we hire you as a adviser?

  • Duly qualified (BE, ERA, MBA Finance, PhD (pursuing))
  • Long experience of more than 33 years
  • Mastered the art of finding 'Worth' of a stock
  • Courage to resist Pull-down during market lows and Push-on during market highs.
  • Equally concerned about Risk as to the Returns
  • Registered with SEBI
  • The client retention rate of 87% is a testimony to our advice and services
  • Highly rewarding track record
  • All the products are performing way better than the underlying benchmark stock indices

How to use 'Smart Billionaire Picks'?

Since the start of the journey on 31 May 2001, it has delivered fabulous returns. CAGR during this long journey stands tall at 27%. This basket has seen many ups and downs, the dotcom bust, several scams, elections and many more major events. Interestingly, all the time it remains fully invested. Changes are made only on Wednesday morning around 10 am. Those who are ready to invest for long-duration (minimum 5 years) with average risk-return profile may follow it with matching individual stock weightages. 

Can I share my account Username and Password with a friend / colleague?

It is strictly prohibited. This is a single-user subscription. The system will automatically block access if there are attempts for multiple/parallel logins. Also, we may terminate your subscription to all the services without any refund for the remaining subscription.

I made the payment but did not receive any confirmation ?

At times confirmation emails are delayed because of technical issues. Rest assured your money is safe. We have integrated one of the safest payment gateways. Drop us an email at support@smartverc.com or call +91-9131361959 and we will look into it.

How can I get Invoice?

Once you subscribe, the Invoice can be accessed from the Dashboard after log-in.

Can I cancel my subscription and request for a refund?

No, subscriptions are non-refundable.

To avail of your services what should be the total investment in stocks? How much one should invest in individual stocks?

From our side, there is no limit on the total investment in stocks. The investment amount is to be decided by the individual investors as per their financial plan, risk-return profile, and depending on their capability and capacity to invest.

he total returns from stocks are dictated by the total portfolio returns, which depend on the weightages assigned to individual stocks. To keep the investments diversified (to mitigate the stock-specific risk), investors are advised to invest in line with the 'Weightage' assigned in the product subscribed.

Investors are strictly advised not to borrow money for investment in stocks under any circumstance. 

What is long term ?

One complete business cycle which lasts for about 4 to 5 years can be considered the as long term.
To get rewards of compounding one should invest for multiple cycles. Often investors invest for much lesser periods and get trapped in down-cycles despite the company under consideration having sound fundamentals.  

In case of query about the advised stock analysis, whom should I contact?

You may kindly write to support@smartverc.com or send Whatsapp message at 9755920780

How to get benefited from the schemes 'Smart freedom Stocks' and 'Smart SIP'?

This is a model basket of stocks to demonstrate and educate investors about the importance of weightages, diversification in terms of market capitalisation, industry and business groups and last but not the least the way to generate better returns by picking fundamentally sound stocks and waiting patiently for the opportunity to exit or add more.

Both the schemes are well suited for long term investors. Smart Freedom Stocks is more suited for lumpsum investments, while Smart SIP is appropriate for regular monthly investment.

How to use the product ‘Smart Gains’ service effectively?

  • Date of publication @ Wednesday by 11 AM
  • Buy and sell advice is notified through messages on WhatsApp, Email, and Mobile App.
  • Contents – 

Pick of the Week

One stock is advised with a complete research report. Based on the individual profile, investors should select the stock as per applicable parameters like risk, expected returns, holding period, etc. The complete report is available in PDF format on the website dashboard area. Also, regular reviews are available. This part is useful for medium-term investors willing to invest between 3 to 24 months.
Past advice up to 24 months is also accessible.
On the date of the publication, you will be notified in brief about this pick via WhatsApp Message, Email, and Mobile App notifications.

Smart Billionaire Picks (SBP) (Complimentary)

Select picks from the 'Pick of the Week' are included in this basket of stocks. This feature is useful for long-term investors. Starting on 30 May 2001 with Rs 1 Lac, the basket has already crossed Rs 1 crore and is growing at a CAGR of 26%.
SBP offers a good way to learn and practice managing stocks in terms of Risk appetite, Weightage, Diversification, etc. Changes are made only on @Wednesday before 11 am. WhatsApp messages will be delivered only if our contact number (9755920780) is saved in your contact list. In case you are not receiving notifications, please get in touch with us.

How to use ‘Smart Multibaggers’ service?

  • Date of Publication: No fixed date. 12 to 15 stocks are advised in a year as and when the opportunity arises.

  • ‘Research Report’ - Complete research report is published in PDF format and is available in Dashboard area on website. Investors are can select the stock based on given parameters like risk, expected returns, holding period etc. Past issues up to the last 4 years are available in Dashboard area.
  • On the date of the publication, notification is sent via Mobile App, Email, and WhatsApp, WhatsApp messages will be delivered only if our number (9755920780) is saved in your contact list. In case you are not receiving notifications, please contact us. Sell notifications are also sent if the stock hits the Target, or Stop Loss or expiry of Holding period or any other reason. 

  • Review: Regular reviews are available for each stock in the Dashboard area on website as well as Mobile App.

How to use ‘Smart Freedom Stocks’ service ?

  • Date of Publication: No fixed date. Advice is given on an average once in a month
  • ‘Research Report’ - Complete report is published in PDF format. Investors are supposed to select the stock based on given parameters like Risk, expected returns, holding period etc.
  • In case of a Buy and also a Sell advice notification is delivered via WhatsApp, Email, and Mobile App. WhatsApp messages will be delivered only if you have saved our number (9755920780) in your contacts list.
  • All the stocks advised are also part of the ‘Smart Freedom Stocks’
  • ‘Smart Freedom Stocks’. To assist investors we have prepared the basket of stocks with due consideration to diversification in terms of sectors, weightage, business groups, market capitalization etc. Money and stocks remain with the investor, we only provide the advise. 

How to use ‘Smart SIP’ service ?

  • Date of Publication: Every fifth of the month before 12 noon. If it's a holiday, then advice is provided the previous working day.
  • ‘Research Report’ - Complete stock report is published in PDF format. Investors are supposed to select the stock based on given parameters like risk, expected returns, holding period etc.
  • All the stocks advised are also part of the ‘Smart SIP Stocks’
  • For Buy and Sell advice the message is delivered via Email, WhatsApp, and Mobile App. WhatsApp messages will be delivered only if our number (9755920780) is saved in your contact list.
  • ‘Smart SIP Stocks’. To assist investors we have prepared the list of stocks with due consideration to diversification in terms of sectors, weightage, business groups, market capitalization etc. Money and stocks remain with the investor, we only provide the advise. 
  • We maintain the Smart SIP Stocks assuming an investment of Rs 10,000/- per month. Investors can invest as per individual investment capacity but should maintain the weightage.
  • If any stock story begins to fade the same shall be replaced with a more promising bet.
  • This service was started in Sep. 2016. Those who started recently can - a) Invest a fixed amount every month starting from the coming 5th of the month and or b) In case you also have some lump sum amount to invest, then you may replicate the stocks in ‘Smart SIP Stocks’ in line with the weightages assigned.

Unable to download / Save / Print the latest issue

Research reports are available in the Dashboard area on the website.
The latest issue cannot be Saved / Downloaded / Printed. All previous issues can be printed and saved.

I am not receiving notifications on the mobile App.

Mobile App notifications for the subscribed product will be received only when you are logged in.

Will the new subscribers get access to the recommendations made in the past?

In all advisory products the subscribers have an access to the past advice and the period varies from product to product with a minimum period of 24 months for 'Smart Gains'.

Can I invest in a stock advised in the past?

Avoid if the stock price has hit the Target or Stop Loss or Holding period has elapsed, or we exited due to other reasons.

Also, avoid the stocks which are near the Target or Stop Loss.

In the rest cases, you can invest.

How the advice is communicated?

Stock advice for entry and exit is communicated via a Mobile App. notifications, Email, and WhatsApp.

In Smart Gains, how the stocks advised under 'Pick of the Week' and 'Smart Billionaire Picks' differ.

Smart Gains has two sections-

  • Pick of the Week: The investment horizon varies from 3 months to 24 months. 
  • Smart Billionaire Picks (SBP): This stock basket is under operation since 30 May 2001 and the objective is to maximize returns.

If any stock advised under 'Pick of the Week' reaches Target then investors should exit the stock. If the same stock is also present in SBP and investor is ready to hold for the long term, then he can follow the advice under SBP

It is possible that the stock may be advised to sell in 'Pick of the Week' but we may remain invested in SBP for the same stock, due to good long term outlook.

It is also possible that we may exit the stock from SBP but remain invested in 'Pick of the Week'.

How much amount should I invest in a single stock? How do you decide the weightage?

In all our advisory services we furnish weightage/allocation.

For example: If we provide a weightage of say 4% for a particular stock, and suppose your portfolio size is Rs 10 lacs, then your investment in that stock should be 4% of Rs 10 lacs i.e., Rs 40,000/-

Weightage depends on many qualitative and quantitative factors, such that if the stock gains, there should be appreciable gains in the total portfolio, and if the stock falls, there should be minimal impact on total portfolio value.

How much amount one should invest in Equity?

The investment amount may vary from person to person depending on -

  • His Income and Expenses.
  • Risk profile.
  • Capacity to digest the volatility
  • Targets set such as to meet a certain goal like Child marriage, early retirement, etc

As a thumb rule, one should have an investment (percent) of about (100 - Age). For example, a person with an age of 35 years should have an investment of about 65% of the total corpus (Real estate, Gold, Stocks, etc) invested in the stock market (including direct stocks and Mutual Funds).

Fresh investors must start small and raise the investment steadily once he/she gets accustomed to the stock market volatility.

I am not receiving advice notifications on WhatsApp.

We send advice notifications on WhatsApp via broadcast groups. Thus our messages will be delivered to your WhatsApp only if our number (+919755920780) is saved in your Contact list / Address Book.

Are the stocks advised under Smart Gains and Smart Multibaggers different?

There is no common stock in 'Pick of the Week' (Smart Gains) and Smart Multibaggers.

Is it secure to give my personal details/information online?

Our website uses the industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt all personal data that is sent by your computer to our server. 

How can I provide GST details?

At the subscription time, you will get an option to provide your GST details before reaching the payment gateway.

What happens if I don't renew the subscription?

Post completion of the subscription, you will not receive any notifications on future as well as past advice. Also, the access to all kinds of subscribed inputs will be stopped. Though your account will remain live and you can re-subscribe to the products from your Dashboard area at any time in future.

Why do we provide Stop Loss in Smart Gains and Smart Multibagger?

Stop Loss is like Health Insurance, whose importance we genuinely understand when we fall sick.
Stop Loss is not desirable from the long-term point of view. In fact, till a couple of years ago, we were not providing Stop Loss.
We started providing Stop Loss due to following reasons: -

  • Stocks covered in Smart Gains under ‘Pick of the week’ has a holding period of 3 to 24 months, which is not a long-term duration. We are trying to derive an advantage from the medium-term Price-Value mismatch under this product.
  • Due to technological disruption in many sectors, one cannot remain invested for extra-ordinarily long times like Auto OEMs, Optic fiber, etc.
  • Sometimes, specific internal company development is known only to select a few. Unfortunately, it becomes too late until that news is available in the Public domain. Though we do not have any inside information via Stop Loss, we try to restrict losses.
  • We are addressing the advice needs of an average risk-return profile investor. By eliminating the ‘Stop Loss,’ there is a likelihood of high volatility and, at times, may lead to heavy Loss for conservative investors.

      Given above,

  • Smart Gains: Under ‘Pick of the Week,’ if the share price approaches ‘Stop Loss’ and the stock prospects remain bright, we shall modify the Stop Loss and increase the holding period if desired.
  • Smart Multibaggers: Being long-term advice, we shall further increase the depth of Stop Loss if the price approaches ‘Stop Loss’ and may change its weightage if desirable.

I am fully invested based on your advice; how to manage funds further?

Review your portfolio and ensure that each stock carries a weightage as assigned at the time of advice. No single sector should occupy more than 15% weightage, at the most 20%. Thus the funds released can be used to invest in future advice.

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