Our Edge

What sets us apart from our peers?


Knowing how to accurately determine a stock's value is our specialty.


Our research head has more than 34 years of investment experience.

Academic Qualification

Our research head (BE, ERA, MBA, and Ph.D.), has proficiently applied a proprietary stock valuation model to over 2100 recommendations.


Smart VERC maintains complete independence from any other stock market intermediary, ensuring no conflict of interest exists.


We are always legally bound to put your best interests first.

Easy Accessibility

You can easily reach us, including our research head, with just a phone call.


Consistently excellent medium and long-term track record.

Investment Allocation

Offering weightage/allocation to aid in guiding your investments in each stock.

Real Time Recommendations

Recommendations for stock entry and exit are made real time during market hours.

Have a Question?

Here at Smart VERC, you have one point of contact on Phone, WhatsApp, and Email: a highly-skilled, detail-oriented individual who can resolve almost all your issues.

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