Each part of the logo has rich meaning at its core for our team as well as investors.

For our team Smart VERC

  • At the core of our logo is a big smile which we aspire for all the people on this planet.

    (Smile is a result of one's happiness and satisfaction which comes from performing the work of your interest. Pursue your passion and rest everything follows automatically. For most individuals, it is the financial liability and family obligations that restrict them to follow their passions. We are there to help people earn very healthy returns from others’ passion (read companies) and fulfill their own liabilities/commitments.)

  • The red color symbolises Action, Confidence, Courage, and Vitality. Red is also the color of passion. It is our passion to keep clients happy and satisfied with our product performance as well as providing services. We have the courage and confidence to face any economic challenge and are passionate to outperform in any kind of circumstance.
  • Blue is the color of Truth, Purity. We enjoy a special fiduciary relationship of trust and honesty with our customers.

Kite in many ways can help investors understand the company operations.

  • This flying machine responds to the flyer's command by pulling or releasing the string. Similarly, companies are run by the management which steers it as per their strategy.
  • Smaller companies need intelligent management for smooth operation. Similarly, Kites at lower heights need very smart flyers to keep it stable.
  • Once the kite develops a hole, it becomes shaky and may even fall down, so we need to tackle the fall or patched it up, else all the efforts that we had made to make the kite reach such high altitude can go for a toss. By the same token, a bad name to a company shall be dealt with extreme care else it can destroy its valuations.
  • Central spine and a bow should be strong enough to bear the strong winds. The company Balance Sheet should be strong enough. Kite is flown into the air with the help of a specially prepared thread known as Manjha write in Hindi also (thread coated with crushed tube light glass and glue). This is done so that during a tangle (Pench-lantana write in Hindi also), our thread cuts the opponents thread and our kite continues to fly. In a similar fashion, the company keeps on strengthening its assets, employees and product innovations, so that competitors could not make a dent in its area of operations. Wider the moat, difficult it would for the competitor to reach.
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