The logo of Smart VERC represents a big smile that symbolizes the happiness and satisfaction that comes from pursuing one's passion. The red color in the logo represents Action, Confidence, Courage, and Vitality and illustrates the company's passion for keeping clients happy and satisfied with its product performance and services. The blue color symbolizes Truth and Purity, reflecting the special fiduciary relationship of trust and customer honesty.

The kite in the logo represents the company's operations, with the management steering the company like a kite is flown by pulling or releasing the string. The central spine and bow of the kite represent the strong balance sheet required to withstand economic challenges. The Manjha (thread coated with crushed tube light glass and glue) represents the company's continuous efforts to strengthen its assets, employees, and product innovations to maintain its dominance in the market.

The logo represents the company's aim to help individuals earn healthy returns from other people's passions and fulfill their financial liabilities and commitments. It also represents the company's commitment to tackling any economic challenge and maintaining a solid reputation in the market.

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