How We Serve

Live the Life You Want: 

At Smart VERC, our singular mission is to empower you to live your ideal life. We're here to help you craft a life by your own design, not by default. Embracing the life you envision involves attaining financial security and the freedom to cherish meaningful moments with your loved ones.

Investing in stocks is the key to creating wealth, enabling early retirement, achieving financial freedom, pursuing your passions, fulfilling financial obligations, realizing your dreams, building a legacy, and more. Stock investments offer the highest returns with minimal tax implications, making them the most effective path to your financial goals.

Our offerings include:

  1. Stock Recommendations: We provide two primary products, Smart Gains and Smart Multibaggers.

  2. Investment Education and Research: You'll find four sub-categories within our product, Smart Insights Video-Vault.

  3. Educational Events: We regularly host webinars, seminars, and workshops to enhance your knowledge.

  4. Informative Content: Explore our extensive collection of blogs and podcasts for valuable insights.

Our stock recommendation Process:

On the day we release stock recommendations, our clients promptly receive a concise notification, similar to the template below, through various channels such as WhatsApp, our mobile app, and email.


Note: To assess past recommendations and research reports, kindly log in to the website

You can access the equity research report for every recommended stock on the Dashboard.

How much to invest in stocks:

We welcome everyone, as there is no minimum investment required. We recommend spending about 2% of your total stock investments on services like ours.

Smart VERC Portal:

We offer our clients stock monitoring programs via the website and Mobile App that provide access to recommended stocks. They are regularly updated to ensure they receive the latest investment information.

Why do you need a mentor/guide in stock investing?

Making money from stocks may seem easy, but it's actually quite challenging. The stock market goes through ups and downs like other industries, such as automobiles and housing. However, it's much more volatile and unpredictable, which can create a lot of emotional stress. Surprisingly, more than 96% of investors quit before they even understand how to make wealth in this game.

How does the subscription scheme work?:

Choose Product

Based on risk profile, investment horizon, and recommendation frequency.


Use website / mobile app. (Smart VERC). Set Password. Make Payment.


After payment, your subscription is active. Log in to the Dashboard.


Access to min. two years' past recommendations. For help, refer FAQs or a product demo video.


Get Buy/Sell notifications via WhatsApp, Mobile App, & Email; access Research Reports on the website.

Have a Question?

Here at Smart VERC, you have one point of contact on Phone, WhatsApp, and Email: a highly-skilled, detail-oriented individual who can resolve almost all your issues.

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