Smart VERC is a Bhopal-based proprietorship firm with registration number: C / 544833. Address: 28, Sector 9-B, Saket Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh - 462 024, India.

  • Dr. A K Asnani owns Smart VERC. He has experience of 34 years of stock investments. He is the author of the book ‘Way To Billionaire.’ By qualification, he is BE, MBA (Finance), ERA (ICFAI, Hyderabad), and Ph.D.

  • All the research reports published by Smart VERC are researched and prepared by Dr. A K Asnani (SEBI Reg. - INH000000420).

Scope and limitations of research:

  • Research is based only on the company's published information on its website or BSE/NSE stock exchanges.

  • Financial projections are based on the order book/undergoing expansion/future plans/management guidance.

  • The share price projections are based on the valuation method discussed in each research report. The stock market movements also affect the share price; also, the external macro and micro factors have a crucial role to play; hence, the target price may or may not be achieved in the indicated period.

Henceforth ‘Team Smart VERC’ implies the organisation including its owner, associates, and employees.

It is declared that:

  • No disciplinary action has been taken against Team Smart VERC by any regulatory authorities.

  • Team Smart VERC does not have any financial interest / beneficial interest of more than one percent / material conflict of interest in the companies covered in the research reports published under various services.

  • Team Smart VERC has never received compensation from the subject company(s).

  • Team Smart VERC has not served at any post nor engaged in the company's marketing covered.

  • The research is not a recommendation to buy or sell a stock, and investors should seek advice from a financial professional before making any investment decisions.

  • Avinash Tripathi,


    His command over managing Stocks in a portfolio is par excellent.

  • Vikash Sayankar,


    Your success ratio is incredible.

  • Vaibhav Gupta,


    You have accomplished my long search for a good investment advisor.

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    Hats off to you, sir, for your stupendous success with 'Smart Billionaire Picks' (part of Smart Gains). I am delighted to be associated with one of India's top share market expert who is peerless.

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    Surprisingly simple yet powerful recommendations.

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    It's rare to find such honest advice. I knew there should be an easy way of making profits from stocks effectively.

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    By far the most competent investment advisor I have come across.

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    Congratulations on 22 years of Smart Gains. Following it for more than 17 years and still keep a lookout for it every Wednesday morning.

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    Hats off to your vision and pro-activeness.

  • Nipun Kumar Patel,


    I have been investing in Equity since 2005. But the peace of mind is at a peak after associating with you.

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