All the analysis/recommendations provided in various products are prepared by A K Asnani SEBI registered Research Analyst.

Smart VERC is a Bhopal, India based proprietorship firm with registration number: C / 135584. Hence-forth 'Team Smart VERC' implies the organisation including its owner, associates and employees.

It is declared that -

  • No disciplinary action has been taken against team Smart VERC by any of the regulatory authorities.
  • Team Smart VERC does not have any financial interest / beneficial interest of more than one percent/material conflict of interest in the companies covered in any advisory product.
  • Team Smart VERC has not received any compensation ever from the subject company(s) in any form.
  • Team Smart VERC has not served at any post nor engaged in marketing of the company covered in various publications.

Any product or services sold through a third party will likely result in some form of compensation to the said third party.

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