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Smart Multibaggers

"Smart Multibaggers" was added to the basket of products in 2007. Since its inception, more than 7600 investors benefitted from this product.


Achieve superior long-term returns, surpassing the market, with a substantial margin of safety and leveraging the power of compounding for significant gains.

Performance at a glance

Stock recommendations have consistently excelled.

Calendar Year Success ratio ROI Smart Multibagger ROI BSE Sensitive Index
2020 83.33% 166.94% 67.64%
2021 71.43% 48.76% 22.20%
2022 42.86% 13.64% 11.38%
2023 100.00% 106.94% 26.47%

ROI: Return on Investment

Smart Strategy

This product focuses on identifying emerging blue-chip companies characterized by solid fundamentals, established promoters, scalable products, and a high degree of medium to long-term visibility, usually spanning 2 to 5 years. In the long term, the correlation between stock price and company earnings is notably strong, eclipsing the impact of market fluctuations. Frequently, target goals are surpassed before the recommended timeframe due to more robust-than-anticipated company narratives. It's not solely the growth in company earnings but also the expansion in valuations that drive a swifter ascent in share prices. The 'Open Recommendations' count typically ranges between 20 and 30 during robust market performance periods.

Another influential factor contributing to these remarkable returns is the disciplined and logically grounded approach implemented by Smart VERC.

Long-term success stories identified early by Smart VERC

Year Company Story Recommendation Price
2007 Ratnamani Metals Quality products Rs 127
2008 SKF Limited Low penetration Rs 346
2010 Supraji Engineering Quality products, scalability Rs 17
2011 Apar Industries Quality products Rs 232
2011 Bajaj Finance Management change Rs 62
2012 Tata Elxsi Unique high-potential area Rs 112
2013 Sundram Fasteners Quality products, scalability Rs 42
2015 Ion Exchange Positioning, scalability Rs 27
2020 KEI Industries Meager raw material prices Rs 271
2020 Indian Hotels Grossly under-valued Rs 82
2023 HBL Power Low-cost R&D, Import substitute Rs 100
2023 Keynes Technology Huge order-book Rs 945

About the product

  • One stock is recommended every month.
  • Stock selection Philosophy: Identifying undervalued stocks via a bottoms-up approach, with a tempting story and adequate margin of safety
  • The average target returns: ~30% per year
  • Holding Period: 2 to 5 years
  • Comprehensive stock research report available on the website
  • Mode of notifications: WhatsApp, Mobile App. and Email
  • Investors are notified of target achievement, stop-loss, holding period completion, or other related changes
  • Access to past five years' recommendations

As a policy, we do not provide recommendations for penny stocks and thinly traded stocks.

For whom

This product is ideal for investors who want:

  • Superior long-term returns.
  • A significant margin of safety.
  • Low to moderate risk for higher returns.
  • A 2 to 5-year investment horizon.
  • A choice for both beginners and experts.
  • A deep understanding of a company before investing.
  • To reduce stock turnover.

Stock Selection Philosophy

The stock selection approach revolves around establishing fair value through a comprehensive analysis of fundamentals, uncovering the underlying narrative, and forecasting future earnings. Stocks are meticulously chosen to provide a significant buffer of safety. This analysis spans at least four years of financial performance, company activities, future growth catalysts, and an evaluation of management quality. It also considers factors expected to propel stock price growth, such as order book strength, management changes, shareholder-friendly policies, sector prospects, etc. Key metrics are thoroughly assessed, including a robust narrative, book value, promoter equity stake, dividend payouts, P/E ratios, and PEG ratios.

Moreover, research reports concisely outline target price valuations focusing on identifying 'growth' stocks. The approach is all-encompassing, encompassing companies of all sizes for evaluation.

Continuous Stock Surveillance: A dedicated research team consistently monitors the suggested stocks, ensuring subscribers receive periodic notifications about noteworthy developments, including financial performance, rating improvements, management forecasts, and sector-specific insights. This monitoring continues until a decision to sell a particular stock is made.

One such stock, Bajaj Finance, was recommended in May 2011 at Rs 62 and has since multiplied more than 120 times over 12 years. 13 stocks recommended in this service multiplied over ten times in the past 10 years.

Research Report

For every recommendation, you'll find a detailed research report accessible on your website dashboard. This report encompasses a thorough analysis of the company, incorporating an examination of its recent developments, financial performance from the past four years, competitive advantages, future strategies, projected earnings per share, market position, key takeaways, and pertinent insights derived from the latest annual report, conference calls, company presentations, management discussions, and sector outlook. Additionally, the report offers precise suggestions for the target price, stop-loss level, and investment timeframe, along with the recommended stock allocation within your overall portfolio.


Eye-popping performance

Cumulative Performance from 2018 to 2022
Stocks recommended Success ratio > 50% returns > 100% returns
81 89% 63% 48%

The 'Recommendation price' is adjusted in the tables below for a bonus, split, etc. 'Current Price' is delayed by ~ 10 minutes from the BSE server. Some investments remain open, and as a result, not all positions are displayed.

Best recommendations of last five years

Stock Date Advice Price Current Price #
Tata Elxsi Ltd. 11-10-2018 987.00 7,311.10
Navin Fluorine International Ltd. 31-07-2017 693.00 3,429.25
Acrysil Ltd. 23-10-2020 129.00 937.05
KEI Industries Ltd. 22-04-2020 271.00 4,226.60
Caprihans India Ltd. 25-04-2020 27.00 160.90
Tata Elxsi Ltd. 13-01-2021 2,300.00 7,311.10
Gokaldas Exports Ltd. 20-05-2019 77.00 843.05
GMM Pfaudler Ltd. 01-08-2019 393.00 1,394.20
Orient Bell Ltd. 06-04-2017 183.00 383.50
The Indian Hotels Company Ltd. 25-06-2020 82.00 570.65

Best Five recommendations of the year 2021

Stock Date Advice Price Current Price #
Tata Elxsi Ltd. 13-01-2021 2,300.00 7,311.10
Deepak Fertilisers And Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd. 04-06-2021 295.00 555.70
Tata Power Company Ltd. 03-03-2021 104.00 441.25
PSP Projects Ltd. 30-09-2021 447.00 685.40
Ambuja Cements Ltd. 14-05-2021 306.00 618.95

Best Five recommendations of the year 2020

Stock Date Advice Price Current Price #
Acrysil Ltd. 23-10-2020 129.00 937.05
KEI Industries Ltd. 22-04-2020 271.00 4,226.60
Caprihans India Ltd. 25-03-2020 27.00 160.90
The Indian Hotels Company Ltd. 25-06-2020 82.00 570.65
Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd. 17-09-2020 387.00 817.70

Best Five recommendations of the year 2019

Stock Date Advice Price Current Price #
Gokaldas Exports Ltd. 20-05-2019 77.00 843.05
GMM Pfaudler Ltd. 01-08-2019 393.00 1,394.20
Roto Pumps Ltd. 06-06-2019 155.00 455.10
Vinati Organics Ltd. 30-03-2019 822.00 1,665.10
Hikal Ltd. 09-08-2019 148.00 298.30

Best Five recommendations of the year 2018

Stock Date Advice Price Current Price #
Tata Elxsi Ltd. 11-10-2018 987.00 7,311.10
Atul Ltd. 03-12-2018 3,470.00 5,974.05
KNR Constructions Ltd. 17-04-2018 158.00 259.30
Nocil Ltd. 14-08-2018 176.00 262.20
Honda India Power Products Ltd. 21-03-2018 1,386.00 2,865.90

For an investor with a Rs 10 lakh portfolio, a one-year subscription, costing not even 1.5%, is a small expense considering the substantial historical returns, valuable learning, and favorable market perception it provides.

If you found this product interesting, consider delving into "Smart Gains."

Smart Multibaggers, available for under Rs 40 per day, can enhance your portfolio returns for less than the cost of your daily morning coffee.

Benefits of Subscribing to Smart Gains and Smart Multibaggers:

  • Smart Gains offers stocks with brief narratives for seizing market opportunities, while Smart Multibaggers' recommendations encourage active involvement in long-term growth and expedite wealth accumulation.
  • Each service provides distinct recommendations.
  • It aids in resolving liquidity mismatches within your investment fund.
  • Automatically receive a 10% combo discount upon subscription.

How the subscription works: Click here

Subscription Charge: Rs 11900 + GST as applicable, Click here to Subscribe

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