Market Insights: Lifetime Opportunity Knocks on the Door

Webinar has been steered by A K Asnani who has an invincible performance track record for 32 long years. He is academically duly qualified (BE, ERA, MBA, Ph.D. (pursuing)).

Historic reforms were unleashed by the then Finance Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in 1991-92.

After such a long period, a slew of major reforms has been announced by the present Government. Added with the ‘China plus one’ policy adopted by many global players and booming demand for almost all kinds of products in the US market, the stage is already set for a strong growth in numbers to be reported by select sectors in the forthcoming quarters. These boom-like conditions presently in select sectors will soon percolate down to other sectors as the economy grows and the impact of PLI and the Government investment on infrastructure will be visible.

Economy prospects at 59.000 level of BSE Sensitive Index appear much better than at 50,000 levels.

Since 1992 this is the first time, I feel so confident about the future prospects, though in select pockets at this juncture. How to take advantage of this opportunity in the best possible way? How can we help you? Watch this video, we shall show you the way. Plus, much more ....

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