Pearls of Wisdom: Learnings & Wisdom from a Millionaire Journey

We at Smart VERC started a scheme named ‘Smart Millionaire Stocks’ on 5 Feb 2018.

Soon after the start, mid and small-cap stocks took a strong beating. Even in large caps only select 4-5 stocks were doing well in broad-based indices. This rare combination of adverse events caused SMS to slightly underperform the indices. Last year. the stock market got shattered due to the COVID. We took advantage of the huge in-efficient stock pricing in the market and SMS grew by a whopping 182% since then compared to a 106% rise in Sensex.

We have shared the techniques used, and how the stocks we selected resulted in huge gains with a focus on the safety of capital too.

These learnings can be of immense help to investors.

Let’s join and enjoy this highly enriching interactive webinar.

The presentation is followed by a Questions & Answers session which as usual remains the central attraction.

An opportunity not to be missed!

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