Stock Analysis: Can this stock prove Potential Multibagger (12-03-2023)

Due to local as well as global factors, the market is clueless. In this noise, a couple of stocks have delivered outstanding performance for the last couple of quarters and hold equally good prospects.

We have analysed one such stock in detail in this Webinar that has not been advised in our services during the last four years. This company has a rich experience of more than 65 years. After consolidating its position in India, the Group companies now have set up manufacturing operations in the UK, Italy, France, Switzerland, South Africa, Zambia, Australia, and Thailand. Reserves are 62 times Equity capital. Revenue is staggering 121 times Equity capital.

Moreover, the order book is almost four times last year's sales. As a result, the stock has high potential gains even on a conservative PE of 15. Watch this highly educative and interactive webinar to understand and create meaningful wealth from stock investing. Plus much more… Dr. A K Asnani (Author, Coach, and Equity Research Analyst) shows you the way to riches. He has an unbeatable performance track record of 34 years. In addition, he is academically very qualified (BE, ERA, MBA, Ph.D.).

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