Stock Analysis: This Jackpot stock still looks promising (07-08-2022)

Presented by Dr. A K Asnani (Author, Coach, and Equity Research Analyst) has an unbeatable performance track record for 33 years. In addition, he is academically very qualified (BE, ERA, MBA, Ph.D.). The stock to be discussed was advised under the product 'Smart Multibagger' on 4 June 2021. It has delivered more than 180% gains in 14 months and is still available at attractive valuations (at a PE of less than 8 with excellent growth potential). Picking a multibagger stock is every investor’s dream. A couple of stocks turning into fast multibaggers can significantly increase total portfolio returns. But picking such stocks early is an art few can vouch for having mastered. Moreover, not only the art lies in picking but patiently holding it requires tremendous control of emotions. Last but not least important parameter is the weightage assigned to the total portfolio. The whole process has been disclosed that is so simple and yet so powerful! Creating mega wealth from stocks is easy investors make it complicated.


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